Friday, May 13, 2005

"Don't you want to know what it's all about?"

Here's the deal:

I wanted to post comments on another blog here at the
blogspot (Sup G-Man!). However, the blogspot does not accept
anonymous posts. So, I registered and created this blog;
naming it off the top of my head. Pretty clever, eh?

Then, as I was sittin around drinking beer one night, I
started thinking that it would be a shame to have this little
bit of the net go to waste. Surely there was some way to use
this blog to improve the world, make it safer for democracy,
and impart my wisdom to the great unwashed hoards.

After all, didn't Al Gore invent the internet specifically so
anyone anywhere could read the raving thoughts of a
sociopathic mind?

Then I had another beer and thought, 'Ya know, them hoards
stink. Probably cause they don't wash!'

As I took the first swallow of my next beer I noted to myself
that your average hoardling is a pretty stupid critter and
would no doubt not understand the great gift to be had by
listening to my pontification.

I turned on the TV and saw El Santo give some Mexican vampire
dame a piledriver. "Viva El Santo!" I cried and hoisted a new
glass to the silver masked avenger on my 32" screen.

That's when it happened. I looked at the glorious amber
colored brew in its frosty glass in my left hand and the
remote control in my right. I knew what must be done. This
was a message the hoardalingas would understand! And perhaps,
I could even educate a few!

A chill ran down my spine...I sat quietly in
thought...somewhere in the night, a dog barked. I looked up
at the screen and there was El Santo looking straight back at
me! He said not a word, just nodded. I knew I had chosen

And so dear readers - and hoardhags - sit back and open your
minds to the glory, the passion, the spectacle of two things
that seem so different, and yet go so well together: BEER &

Yep! I decided this blog would be about two of my favorite
things: good beer and silly movies.

The next two posts will be introductions about these two
fantabulus subjects, then - the real fun begins! Every post
there after I will review both a b-movie and the beer I drink
while watching it. Some of the movies will be from my
personal video collection, some will be reviews of televised
broadcasts. The beer will mostly be from the store.

Hold on to your hats kiddies - this should be fun!


Hal said...

Oh you are the MAN, Mr Duh!

I'm giddy at the thought of hearing about the movies and the beers. My posse and I await with baited breathe to read your soliliquies and sonnets on ales and stouts....on brain's that won't die and nuns inside cows.

Bring it on!!

Hal's Wife said...

Finally!! I thought I was going to perish from anticipation!

Can't wait to hear more -- unless it's about the cow/nun thing - I only like them if they're in Python films!

Educate us!